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Purchase Guide
Hope I would be the best guide of you.Before you purchase,we need to select a appropriate unit model for you according to your own need.Please tell me the following parameters.
For FCU&AHU&Modular AHU
1,Air volume
2,Air temperature in/out,cold/heat water temperature in/out.Cooling/ heating capacity,dehumidification capacity,humidification capacity and etc..
3,External static pressure
4,Power supply
5,Functional sections and arrangement order.
6,Special requirements or remarks.
For dehumidifier
1,Temperature and humidity requirement
2,Length、width and height of the room
3,Air flow,ventilation rate,supply air temperature
4,Purification level
5,The number of staff
6,Whether cold water and steam available
7,Which products:capsule,batteries,glass,etc.
8,The room's function:warehouse、workshop、library,etc.
9,Is there an air-condition?What's the cooling capacity and heating capacity?
10,Special requirements or remarks.