Jetex-lloyd’s wheel dehumidifiers are highly praised by the pharmaceutical enterprises
    In China, the humidity of the pharmaceutical production plant has been clearly defined, pharmaceutical plants must obtain "Good Manufacture Practice " (GMP) certification.
    GMP Article 17: The temperature and relative humidity in the clean rooms (areas) shall comply with the requirements of the production process. When there are no special requirements, the temperature and relative humidity may be controlled at 18-26℃ and 45-65%, respectively. To achieve the requirement, the pharmaceutical production plant must be equipped with an air conditioning purification device, then the temperature and humidity can be control by heating, cooling and humidification, dehumidification device in order to achieve the requirements of GMP.
    The drugs should be classified stored in special warehouse according to different requirements . Traditional Chinese medicine should be stored in the corresponding warehouse according to the temperature and humidity requirements. Storage area should be maintained constant temperature and humidity.
       There is a rule in the Production implementation: an operating room which require a dry environment should be equipped with dehumidification equipments, to ensure the materials will not be exposed to moisture deterioration, dehumidification equipments should be maintained on a regular basis, and monitoring indoor air humidity daily.
    Thus, the temperature and humidity of the pharmaceutical production plant requires strict control, and Jetex-lloyd’s multi-functional air handling unit is an ideal equipment to control temperature and humidity.
    Since this year, Canada Honson Pharmatech Group, Guangzhou Baiyun Tianxin pharmaceutical co., ltd., Hainan Honz Pharmaceutical co., ltd, Guangzhou Hanfang Pharmaceutical co., ltd, have ordered dehumidification units with our company. And it’s our seventh collaboration with Guangzhou Baiyun Tianxin pharmaceutical co., ltd., this time they purchase 4 sets wheel dehumidifiers for the production plant. They are extremely satisfied with our previously provided equipment, which laid the foundation for our future cooperation.
    Jetex-lloyd’s always insisted on the business philosophy " Survive on Quality, Develop by Credit ", through the rigorous test of the stringent customers and fierce market competition, we has accumulated a wealth of experience in the purification field in pharmaceutical industry, which  lay a solid foundation for our future development.