A dew point of -60 ° C dehumidification unit successfully passed the acceptance
   Recently, we make a customised low dew point dehumidification unit for Shenzhen Thunder Sky Battery Limited, which is a leading enterprise in the production of lithium-ion battery, and successfully listed in Hong Kong stock market. in their Liquid injection glove box, they need to reduce the dew point to -60 ° C. We select imported high-efficient wheel which are produced by world famous desiccant wheel manufacturer---Japan Seibu-Giken and adopted double-layer, dual-wheel structure, and energy-saving mode, then ensure the dew point, and on the other hand, achieved good economic effect.
         The smooth acceptance of the dehumidification unit marks the mature technology of Jetex-lloyd’s in the low humidity field of lithium industry.
        The picture shows Jetex-lloyd’s dehumidification equipment in their workshop.