Horizontal Air Handling Unit
Product Type:Horizontal
Place of origin:ChinaModel NO:5WH
Product Information

Jetex-lloyd's air handling units absorb the advantages of world famous brand products from Europe, America and Japan etc and combines design features and development trend of modern air conditioning system, through elaborate development, and are the high grade products applicable for various demands. At the same time, they possess multiple research patents. Jetex-lloyd's5W and CBL series of products are applicable for air conditioning system in industrial & commercial building, hotel & restaurant, auditorium, cinema and large factory etc. The product is widely sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Africa and throughout the country.
Jetex-lloyd's air handling units series of air conditioning include: single surface danel and double surface danel as per the wall panel; 4-row, 6-row and 8-row as per the coil rows; as per application, 5WH horizontal: mount on the ceiling and ground; 5WC suspended ceiling: mount in the ceiling and be lower than horizontal height; 5WV vertical: install in air conditioning room convenient for maintenance; 5WF vertical type unit: applicable for environment where it is not proper to use concealed type unit or air pipes cannot be laid; CBL slim type: designed for lower floor space, which is lower than height of 5WC suspended ceiling unit. Wind rate of this series of products is 2000~65000m3/h. It has obtained national refrigeration equipment production license. In this manual, only common models and specifications are listed. If additional requirements, please consult Jetex-lloyd's or its agent.
 The products of this company are inspected strictly before leaving the factory. From raw materials to finished products, each procedure has special inspector. In factory, there is fully automatic computer detection system that can ensure reliable and accurate performance of product. Jetex-lloyd's has passed ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification.


Characteristics of air handling units

It uses high-strength aluminum alloy section material into which foaming polyurethane is injected. By using special macromolecule fortified resin clamping piece, the section material is connected to form the frame so that the entire unit has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and long lifetime. In addition, it has beautiful appearance and flexible structure and is easy for on site dismounting and repair.
Surface danel
The surface danel includes single surface danel and double surface danel. External surface danel is high grade electrolytic plate whose surface is sprayed plastic. The oxide layer on the electrolytic plate can not only increase the bonding strength of coating but also form double protection together with plastic spraying layer. Inner surface danel of double surface danel is galvanized sheet steel. Thermal insulation materials use high polyurethane foam with density 40kg/m3. The surface danel has three kinds of thickness including 26mm, 30mm and 40mm and possesses good thermal insulation, air tightness and noise reduction.
The fins use aluminum foil and are made into wave shape by means of precision finishing of CNC high speed punch. The copper tubes are in staggered arrangement. Microscopic turbulence is ensured on the surface of fin so that the dirt is produced difficultly and cleaned easily. The coil possesses low air flow resistance and superior corrosion resistance. Precision finishing, import hydraulic tube expanding equipment and high tube expanding pressure can ensure that each collar of each fin contacts tightly with the copper tube along its circumference so that the best heat transfer efficiency and longer lifetime are ensured. All coils are inspected under 2.4MPa pressure. When the coils leave the factory, 0.35MPa nitrogen gas is kept in the coils, which is convenient to confirm if the coils leak during on site installation. Pay attention to it during cutting and unpacking. If threaded connection is required, 0.35MPa nitrogen gas is usually not left.
   The diameters of the copper tubes used by the coils are 9.52mm (3/8), 12.7mm (1/2) and 15.8mm (5/8). The fin pitches are 4.2mm, 3.2mm, 2.5mm and 2.1mm. The fin thickness is 0.15mm. Standard collector tubes are galvanized steel pipes. Standard filter is plate type double nylon net. Jetex-lloyd's can produce the coils with copper fins according to the requirements of customers. The copper fin possesses higher performance. Besides,Jetex-lloyd's can also produce direct evaporation coil and steam heating coil etc.
Jetex-lloyd's air handling units use import or domestic air dual-inlet centrifugal fan with multiple fins and is the result combining foreign long-term technical experience with engineering technology and widely used in Europe and America. The structure of impeller is the whole vane with special shape. The fan is produced by using fully automatic assembly line and made of galvanized steel sheet from the housing and impeller. All fan shafts are made of high-quality alloy steel after quenching and tempering and possess good mechanical performance and corrosion resistance. Each fan is through dynamic and static balance test of the whole fan so that the fan possesses high efficiency, low noise and smooth operation.
According to the weight of fan and motor, select composite strong spring damper so that the whole fan runs smoothly and quietly and can be used in occasion with all high requirements.
Generally, the fan selects forward fan. If the customers require higher excess pressure, select additionally backward fan.