Combined air handling unit
Product Type:Horizontal
Place of origin:ChinaModel NO:AHS
Product Information
Jetex-lloyd's AHS multifunctional modular air handling units are high-quality products that Hong Kong Corporation developed on the basis of its nearly thirty years of manufacturing experiences, as well as the up-to-date technologies of the renowned foreign brand names. They can be assembled with various functional sections such  as air heating coil section, cooling coil section, primary filter section,medium filter section,dehumidifiering section,humidifying section, fan section, sound absorber section, air supply section, etc. The air volume ranges from 2000 to 300000CMH; cooling capacity is up to 2.40 million Kcal/h; and heating capacity is up to 4.20 million Kcal/h. These units features good appearance, high heat exchange efficiency, reasonable structure, high intensity, low air leakage rate, low noise, easy installation and maintenance, etc. They are widely used in the central air conditioning systems of  factories such as precision machinery manufacturing, electronic instrument, aeronautics and astronautics, metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, light textile, etc. They are also suitable for central air-conditioning systems installed in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, markets, theatres, cinemas, stadiums, airports, railway stations and other civil buildings.
Modular Air Handling Unit features:
Air Volume is from 2,000 to 300,000m3/h.
Wide application and flexible combination.Not standard,but customized.
3.Good apperance and fine design
4.Patent structure, excellent quality
5.Low noise and long life.