Rotary dehumidifier
Product Type:Rotary
Place of origin:ChinaModel NO:JD
Product Information
Working principle of rotary dehumidifier
Absorption rotary dehumidifying wheel is the core component of the whole unit, taking solid compound thermal glass fiber as base materials, and processed into honeycombed pipeline structure. The silicate sorbents are evenly dispersed on the base body to form a huge absorption surface. The sealing device divides the rotary wheel into a 270° sector dehumidifying zone and a 90° sector regeneration zone. The humid air to be treated is blown into the dehumidifying zone of the rotary wheel by the treatment blower, and the moisture in the air is absorbed by the sorbents, thus we get dry air current with very low humidity; at the same time, the regenerated air, after being heated, passes through the regeneration zone of the rotary zone in a converse direction, taking away the water in the sorbents, so as to resume the capacity of absorbing humidity of the sorbents. The motor of the rotary wheel drives the wheel to rotate at the slow rotation speed of 5-50 RPH. The whole procedure is a cyclic one repeating the dehumidifying and regeneration, ensuring the continuous effect of dehumidifying, and the dry air current with stable status will be obtained. 

Product characteristics 
High absorption efficiency 
High temperature resistance 
Long service life, easy for maintenance 
Manual/automatic humidity control 
It discharges no water and causes no pollution
No ashes.
It can treat the air into a very low humidity 
LCD shows running parameters.