Plate heat exchanger
Product Type:Plate heat exchanger
Place of origin:ChinaModel NO:AHE
Product Information
Jetex-Lloyd's heat exchanger widely installed into the air handling units for heat/energy recovery and air ventilation. 
The heat exchanger chip is made of efficient aluminum or ER paper,high heat transfer efficiency,can be cleaned by water without shrinkage deformation,the heat recovery efficiency reached 72%,in ventilation there is a substantial increase in the efficiency of energy recovery,enabling users to enjoy more affordable fresh air.Using the total heat exchanger can enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning system and increase the amout of fresh air to improve indoor air quality without increasing power consumption,so the energy consumption can be reduced to the mininum and also reduce the operating costs of the whole system.
1,Air flow range :100m3/h~10000m3/h
2,High efficiency of energy recovery
3,Low noise, low energy consumption
4,Reasonable structure, and easy maintenance and installation
5,Hign reliability of the control circuit
6,Internally installed filter to achieve air purification and improve indoor air quality.
7,Widely used in high grade hotel,office,conference hall,exhibition hall,hospital, cinema and so on.
8,Sensible heat and total heat type available.