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Rotary heat exchanger
Product Type:Rotary heat exchanger
Place of origin:Model NO:AHE
Product Information
Rotary Heat Exchanger Unit of Jetex-lloyd's is adopted the technology of Western Giken Corporation,the combined rotary heat recovery device has obtain the national patent,the device has the following features:high efficiency,low cross-contamination, also it can be combined with different air-conditioner to reduce room occupied and installation costs.
1,Air flow range :1000m3/h~50000m3/h
2,High heat/energy recovery effeciency 
3,Widely installed into the air handling units for heat/energy recovery and air  ventilation. According to customers required,it can be equipped with other functional sections, such as bag filter, cooling, heating, dehumidifying etc. 
4,The main component :rotor is imported from Japan,world famous brand: Seibu-Giken. 
5,Rotor diameter range:700~4200mm.
6,Obtained national patent (patent number: 200820049766.9, Patent Name: Rotary Energy Recovery System).